5mm-8mm Reinforced Welded Mesh

5mm-8mm Reinforced Welded Mesh

Reinforced Concrete Welded Mesh reinforcement is considered to be new, efficient and high quality. With dense spacing of reinforcing steel bars, longitudinal bar and transverse bar will form into netted texture for anchoring bond. Reinforced Concrete Welded Mesh is a welded wire fabric, prefabricated steel reinforcement material. The fabric is used to provide tensile strength and crack control to structural concrete elements.

5mm-8mm Reinforced Concrete Welded Mesh Specifition:

5mm-8mm Reinforced Welded Mesh


Compared with traditional tied rebar, it is not only more solid,but also save the time and labor. Using Reinforced Concrete Welded Mesh drastically speeds up the construction process.Grids of prefabricated, high-strength, welded wires can be customized to accommodate various styles and dimensions to fit your project and save you labour costs by eliminating the need to tie rebar lengths individually.


1) Neat piling without pallet  2) Pack in pallet  3) Special package with customers’ request


Reinforced Concrete Welded Mesh (for construction) is regularly used for concrete slab construction, , such as roadways, in curved structures such as in domes and as bonding fabric for gunite.  Welded Concrete Reinforcement Steel Bar Panels are widely used in construction reinforcement, the ground for the tunnels, bridges, highway, airport and wharf, also in construction of wall body.

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