STEP 1. Measure distance Accurately, and make a sign using pickets. This depends on the type of welded wire mesh rolls or panels elected, which is an item must consider importantly.


STEP 2. Make the holes with a special tool in which are pickets. Put the column into them and sealed with cement.


STEP 3. Fix one side welded mesh panel and contact with the post. After fixed a column, placing the welded wire mesh panel perpendicular to the ground where to install. Pick up the welded wire mesh panel and maintain it balance with sticks and bricks. The end of the mesh and columns are fixed with screws.Installation

STEP 4. Put the another post and fix the panel together with the post. Once done, then repeat with the remaining welded wire mesh panel.Installation

STEP 5. With welded wire mesh panel distributed along the column to be absolutely still and no movement. Get out all the accessory and installed in the corresponding position.Installation

After these 5 simple steps We have installed our welded wire mesh fence.