Airport Welded Mesh Fence

Airport Welded Mesh Fence

The fence Installed at the airport is a combination of welded wire mesh fence and razor wire. The bottom is welded wire mesh fence, and the top is y-type pillar with concertina cross razor wire. In this way, Airport Welded Mesh Fence can be better maintain order and security in the airport.

Airport Welded Mesh Fence Specification:


PVC Coated / Powder Painting / Hot Dipped Galvanized

Color :

green / black / blue / white or other colors with customers request.


high quality low carbon wire (Q195 / Q235)

Wire Gauge:

4.5mm or 5.0mm ( customized with customers' special requirements)

Mesh Hole:

50mm X 200mm / 55mm X 200mm / 50mm X 100mm / 55mm X 100mm

Panel Width:

2.0m / 2.5m / 3.0m ( customized with customers' special requirements)

Panel Height:

V Panel-530mm / 630mm / 730mm ; Big Panel-2000mm / 2300mm / 2600mm

Fence Height:

2700mm / 3200mm / 3700mm


Prevent climbing and getting cross effectively, and protecting people safety within the airport. 


At the Airport , to prevent the bad guys get into.

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